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What can tapping really do for your business?

Welcome, o brave one. You’re on this page because you know there’s something holding you back in your business. You’ve heard of tapping (EFT, which stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique”), and you’re curious about whether it’s the right tool for you to get things moving again.

Maybe you’ve never tried tapping before and want to see whether it works for you. Or maybe you’ve tried it on your own, but never had any success with it. Either way, you find yourself here, heart filled with equal parts of hope and scepticism.

Well, to understand the power of tapping, it might help you to hear my story…


Let’s state for the record that I didn’t have an ideal childhood

When I look back at my formative years, it’s a full-blown miracle that I’ve created a life and business that fulfil and inspire me. Here’s quick rundown of my early “highlights”:

  • I remember growing up transient in the Australian Outback, constantly moving between sheep stations: I remember the heat; and the endless dusty, arid landscapes. I remember cracks in the earth big enough for giant centipedes to crawl out of – which terrified me whenever I slept on the ground.
  • I remember the ever-present isolation: I remember the harshness of life, and the hunger. I remember going into town for supplies every month or so – leaving before dawn, driving for hours, and then not getting “home” until well after nightfall.
  • And I remember the abuse I experienced: I won’t go into the specifics, except to say that the trauma made me blank out huge portions of my childhood for years. And then, when those repressed memories started coming back in 2001, I really thought I was losing my mind.

It’s no exaggeration to say that tapping saved my life

As I started remembering, I struggled more and more to cope. And eventually – inevitably – I had a nervous breakdown.

I spent nearly two weeks in a mental hospital, which is where I first encountered the idea of tapping. I remember insisting to my nurse that, “There must be SOMETHING out there for me that isn’t a white pill!”

She glanced around nervously to make sure no-one heard her committing professional sacrilege, then whispered, “Have you tried tapping?”

Once I got out – my sanity still seriously shaky – I saw an ad for a TFT (Thought Field Therapy) practitioner training course. TFT is a form of tapping, and the training was local – just 45 minutes away. Something in me knew that if I didn’t do that course, I wouldn’t live through the coming days… so I booked myself in.

I was so terrified about going to that training that my husband had to drive me there – my anxiety was off the charts! Yet after the very first day, I knew that everything was going to work out… And I still remember the previously unimaginable sense of freedom as I drove myself back for Day 2, with the windows down and the stereo up loud.

Gail O'Keeffe EFT Practitioner
Gail O'Keeffe EFT Practitioner

There’s SO much more to my story than mere survival

I’m not going to tell you that it only took a single tapping course to heal me. However, those two days of training (which involved intensive tapping on my issues) were – hand-to-heart – my turning point.

As I learned more about tapping, I discovered that it did far more than just provide a lifeline for shattered psyches. It could dissolve all kinds of blocks, release all kinds of negative beliefs, and remove all kinds of internal barriers.

I realised that my life’s purpose was to share this amazing tool with women who were using their businesses to make a difference in the world. So I went on and trained as an EFT practitioner, and that’s the form of tapping I use now.

I’ve emerged 

I’ve transformed from a broken, traumatised shell of a person, to a vibrant, joy-filled woman who’s totally alive. You can see the epic me now in the way that I:

  • Dance around my living room to my huge collection of 80s music
  • Glamp (“glamour camp”) around my state, exploring nature spots and soaking in the beauty of the natural world
  • Collect shells from every beachside spot I visit (and Buddha statues from anywhere I can find them!)
  • Insist that my grandkids call me “Glam-ma” (after all, my kids might have kids, but I’m FAR too young, gorgeous, and glamorous to be a Grandma!)

Tapping can transform your business as dramatically as it transformed my life

Can I share an uncomfortable truth with you? You probably suspect it already, or you wouldn’t be on this page…

Your business will never be successful unless you get to the bottom of – and get rid of – whatever’s holding you back.

EFT Tapping has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs like you to uncover and release the blocks that keep their businesses from growing.

I’d love to show you how it could help you too.

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