Swapna Thomas

“I reached out to Gail at a time when everything was feeling heavy to me.  In life and in business I felt as if something was amiss. I was sabotaging myself round the clock, telling myself stories and creating reasons why I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever succeed.

I walked into my first ever EFT session without understanding what it might feel like and even though I had done tons of EFT on my own, this was a game changer.

In one session Gail managed to move mountains! I unearthed, shifted and resolved a huge block about which I had no clue and which was affecting my business adversely.

Gail is 100% right when she says that she can weed out negative beliefs from their roots! Thank you Gail for your soul wisdom and truth telling superpowers!”


Biz Mentor and Content Strategist at SwapnaThomas.com


Shannon Bush

“Totally Thriving is having an amazing tapping session with Gail O’Keeffe today and shifting lots of stuff that’s been in the way of more awesomeness!

Thank you so much Gail!  You’re totally part of my well being team now.  Ladies, if you get a chance to do a session with Gail, jump on it!  I was so surprised what came up but it was totally spot on and Gail so intuitively and accurately guided the entire process – very cool.”

Shannon Bush

Business Innovator & Creative Marketer

Perth, Australia

Tanja Gardner EFT Testimonial

I’d tried tapping on my own before, but never really knew what I was doing, so any results I got were mediocre at best (and possibly coincidental).

I’d been struggling with setting boundaries around when I’m working and when I’m not ever since I started my business. I felt like my business was running me, instead of me running it. I could see that I was caught in the cycle, but NOTHING I’d tried over the past 4 years (and I’d tried a LOT) seemed to break it at any point.

In the 4 weeks I’ve been working with Gail, though, magic has happened. I’m actually setting firm boundaries around the way I manage my task list and workload.  Your professionalism, knowledge and empathy made me feel like all the stuff I was dealing with was completely normal – that my issues weren’t some kind of personal failure or lack of discipline on my part.

I’m stunned by the results I’ve got through working with you, and if any of my friends (business or otherwise) were looking for a tapping expert to work with, your name would be first off my lips!

This lady gets results!

Tanja Gardner

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

New Zealand

Nicolette Smith Testimonial EFT

I am now feeling more confident in my abilities to be more visible in the world with my business.

I have also been able to self-correct my thinking quicker. If anxiousness arises I now know how to tap and it eases rapidly. EFT is a very simple and powerful technique!

Your caring and at ease demeanour created a safe space for my transformation and healing. You immediately made me feel at ease and safe. You are fun and approachable, but also very caring and compassionate.

Really appreciate the power of what we worked on. Loved it and highly recommend your services!

Nicolette Smith

The End of Life Care.

Perth, Australia

Bec Waterhouse

I’m very grateful to have worked with Gail, she got right to the heart of what was causing my blocks. I would never have made the connection on my own.

Because of her intuitive wisdom we were able to get straight down to business and clear up some problems that have been holding me back for years.

I have to admit that, although I was keen to work with Gail, I was still skeptical about EFT but all that’s changed now.

I couldn’t recommend her more. If you know something’s holding you back, even if you don’t know what it is, working will Gail will get you sorted out.

Bec Waterhouse
Virtual Assistant & Content Creator


Brisbane, Australia


“Previously, I have had numerous attempts with tapping and was quite discouraged to try this again. I wasn’t sure that your mentoring along with tapping could release the blocks I had been trying to release would work this time.  However, I no longer feel this way!

In my mentoring tapping sessions with you, I have been able to discover old beliefs deeply rooted in me and break through several upper limits very quickly.  Between our mentoring sessions, I have had more and more insights, which were just building upon the work we did together in the sessions.

I have been able to gain clarity in huge ways and see myself, and my life from a completely different perspective. The areas we have touched have completely transformed me and my life!

I would recommend your services, to anyone who is ready to experience ease, calm and transformation on a personal or business level and who is willing to live in a space of self power, allowing and growth. Your warmth and approach is simply beautiful!”


Transformational Branding Coach | Intuitive Copywriter


Kay Bayly
“I met Gail at EFT training. A room full of EFT practitioners and I immediately knew that Gail had something special. She has a deep empathy and understanding of people. She is a skilled practitioner that can quickly get to the heart of your issue and help you release it.   We have worked together a number of times since and this combination of heart and skill makes her a practitioner that I would highly recommend.”

Kay Bayly
EFT & Money Mindset Coach


Cleveland, Australia

Emma Weise

“When I first heard about Gail and the concept of EFT (Tapping) …I was concerned about whether this would go against my Christian beliefs, so naturally I did some research – and was kinda relieved to hear that Christians also Tap.

Gail has an amazing ability for drawing the shit out…and helping you get to the bottom of what’s really going on!

I feel released from a lot of the “stuff” I was holding onto (for yyeeaarrsss)!!  If you want to move past your limiting beliefs, the things that hold you back…chat to Gail!”

Emma Weise

Creative Brand Catalyst & Muse

Cape Town, South Africa

Tina Bindon

“I had a wonderful EFT session with Gail.  Even though I have done a lot of work myself clearing my blocks, Gail was able to peel back another layer that revealed the core of my challenges.  She held space for me so beautifully and allowed the process to unfold naturally.  I felt much more grounded afterwards.”

Tina Bindon

Personal Brand Strategist And Life Purpose Mentor

Brisbane, Australia

Joanna Hennon

“Gail helped me tap through and shift some really deep blocks this week.  I’ve been feeling so blocked, and it turned out that I was still hanging on to stuff I picked up in College – and that was a long time ago! 🙂 Gail helped me to identify it and work through it, and it was so emotional that I would have never gone there myself.  Thank you, Gail!

Suddenly more clients are booking in, and I’m feeling ready to step up as a leader – just in time for the last push for my European event.  I can feel that something big has shifted, and I am so grateful!”

Joanna Hennon

Intuitive & Channel at Create Your World


Iris Haynes Personal Growth Mentor

“Wow, what a powerful freeing feeling I experienced during and after the session with Gail!

Being always very analytical and interested in personal self-development I have been working on myself for a long time. I have truly become a better version of myself and more independent of needing approval from others.

However, there was this this little problem of sometimes feeling lonely and then falling back into my old behaviour patterns. I have a good intellectual understanding and have been self-coaching my mind to remind myself, that this is not current situation but a leftover emotion from my early childhood.

Within one session Gail was able to tease out the main issue and then through the EFT we worked on letting my body know. The session was a few days ago, but I still feel the effects in my less tense body, having been relieved of the primal freight, freeze or flight response. Thank you so much and if needed I will be back for an update session.”

Iris Haynes

Nurture Yourself Mentor

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Margaret McKerihan

“I have found Gail to be insightful, generous, warm, fun and sincere, and she has always conducted our sessions with professionalism and integrity.  I trust and highly recommend Gail as a Professional Mentor!”

Margaret McKerihan
Biographer at  Perfectly Me


“A friend knew I was significantly affected by ongoing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) so she suggested that I try EFT and recommended Gail.  My PTSD was as a result of experiencing an extended period of trauma from a series of major natural disasters.  I had been left extremely affected with overwhelming grief, irrational fears, hyper vigilance, a huge sense of loss and anger at what I had experienced.

With Gail’s mentoring during the EFT sessions, I have worked through all of the feelings I had and am thrilled to say that I have been able to totally ‘re-wire’ my thought patterns and gain control back.  No longer am I living my life, ruled by PTSD or those past feelings.  To go from someone who actively avoided any activity or location that involved large crowds or closed in spaces and attend a concert for my favourite band, along with several thousand people, in a small space, and not once did I give any thoughts to being in a confined space or how many people were surrounding me.  It truly was the most freeing experience of my life.

Gail is engaging, authentic, respectful, and a wonderfully supportive expert EFT practitioner.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting to work through any trauma, grief, or any emotional blocks, because, she will help you change your life!”

Tania. – Brisbane

“I had never tried EFT Tapping before.  The surprising outcome of my session was an immediate lessening of my anxiety and a dawning awareness of how I could manage this myself through tapping.  I found your genuine abundance of warmth and empathy, matched with insights, explanations and practical thoughts made for a very powerful and rich therapeutic experience.

Thank you Gail for your care and expertise, you have helped me open my eyes and embrace my own life journey.”

Vicky. – Brisbane

“Gail mixes her integrity and professionalism with her passion, determination and healing abilities to guide women reclaiming their personal power and rebuilding their lives in a way they never thought possible.”

Louise. – Brisbane

“Gail has mentored me through some of the toughest years of my life. Her ability to identify and provide healing to the areas of your life that holds you back and limits your potential, has enabled me to move forward with a sense of calm, and increased confidence to achieve more than I ever thought possible!”

Lisa. – Brisbane


“I worked intensely with Gail for healing physical and emotional trauma and was delighted and impressed with how she made me feel confident and safe. I would recommend Gail’s services to anyone who desires healing in a caring, secure environment with a truly dedicated mentor and tapping expert.”

Amanda. – Gold Coast