Tap Into Your Business Brilliance with EFT

Using EFT tapping for your Business, break through your blocks,

gain emotional mastery

and move into inspired action!

Do you understand what the most essential element of your business is?

It’s you.

When you are stuck in overwhelm, in the habit of procrastinating, or riddled with doubt, your business is too.

You have to be able to productively show up to the table every day in your business to build a successful enterprise.

Do you remember the clarity you felt when you first decided to take the plunge into your entrepreneurial journey?

Reclaim that clearheaded vision by using the effective practice of EFT tapping for Business.

“… after a powerful and life changing session with the truthteller Gail, I now know that it’s never about the money. We might think the block is about the money but it’s always about something else… that we never in a million years thought about…”

Swapna Thomas

Content Coach, Swapna Thomas.com

In my 12 years of training and delivering solutions to people in business through Thought Field Therapy (the original practice of tapping and now EFT ) I’ve helped a multitude of talented, driven, amazing clients move from the painful uncertainty of overwhelm into emotional mastery and inspired action through tapping.

If you are struggling despite the very best of your efforts, I can help.

Because I can see the limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of your goals. And I know how to break through them.


Bookings Now Open for January 2018 

How Do I Know It Works?

Because I’m the proof.

Gail O'Keeffe EFT Practitioner

I’ve rebuilt my life from the inside out. I had no idea of the doubt I carried into every facet of my life, including my business, before I started this work.

The path I’ve followed means I’m highly tuned to see others’ emotional freedom. I know what it feels like to be missing that.

And I’m here to let you know that it’s a different story when you find it.

My work on myself and with my clients using tapping for Business over the past decade means I see you, rather than the mask. I provide you with a place where nothing is hidden; you don’t have to pretend, and then I guide you towards finding your own answers. Answers that will support you on your entrepreneurial journey to becoming the powerhouse business person you know you can be.

How Would It Feel To Tap Into That?

Spend 60 minutes with me and Tap Into Your Business Brilliance.

During our session, you’ll uncover the power to:

  • End the cycle of procrastination and overwhelm for good
  • Confidently use tapping for business to tap into the well of your own business genius
  • Move past self-sabotage and fear of failure
  • Let go of that overpowering feeling of being a fraud, stop comparing yourself with other business people, and finding the clarity to lead your own enterprise


Bookings Now Open for January 2018

“Totally Thriving is having an amazing tapping session with Gail O’Keeffe today and shifting lots of stuff that’s been in the way of more awesomeness!

Thank you so much Gail!  You’re totally part of my well being team now.  Ladies, if you get a chance to do a session with Gail, jump on it!  I was so surprised what came up but it was totally spot on and Gail so intuitively and accurately guided the entire process – very cool.”

Shannon Bush

Business Innovator & Creative Marketer, Creative Possibility

Are you ready to tap into inspired action?

Book one session for $190 ($Aust)




Bookings Now Open for January 2018

We can work face to face in Brisbane or via Skype or Zoom anywhere in the world.

An ongoing individual EFT program is available starting from $695.  Please enquire here.

I’m very grateful to have worked with Gail, she got right to the heart of what was causing my blocks. I would never have made the connection on my own.

Because of her intuitive wisdom we were able to get straight down to business and clear up some problems that have been holding me back for years.

I have to admit that, although I was keen to work with Gail, I was still skeptical about EFT but all that’s changed now.

I couldn’t recommend her more. If you know something’s holding you back, even if you don’t know what it is, working will Gail will get you sorted out.

Bec Waterhouse

Virtual Assistant & Content Creator, Bec Waterhouse

Previously, I have had numerous attempts with tapping and was quite discouraged to try this again. I wasn’t sure that your mentoring along with tapping could release the blocks I had been trying to release would work this time.

However, I no longer feel this way!

I have been able to gain clarity in huge ways and see myself, and my life from a completely different perspective. The areas we have touched have completely transformed me and my life!


Transformational Branding Coach & Intuitive Copywriter, ViDesign