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EFT Tapping

 If you want to have real success in your business you must develop a business mindset.

How do you do this effectively?

By releasing old and out dated beliefs that keep you playing small and are keeping you from living your full potential.

A lot of people try to create a mindset that leads to success… a majority fail and only some succeed.

Releasing blocks, unconscious belief barriers and repetition is the key to changing thought patterns and habits so you can achieve lasting change.  It’s all about developing an unstoppable mindset.  

The end result is an epically successful and profitable business!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (commonly referred to as EFT or tapping) is a powerful technique that can resolve some of the biggest roadblocks to your success.

You may have already experienced EFT for yourself, either on YouTube, in a session with me or via my free 8-week video series.

Maybe you have only heard about EFT before and often wondered what it was all about.

Now you are ready to deep dive into learning how to use this powerful yet simple technique because the time has come to make changes.  

You want to break through any hidden emotional and belief barriers that keep you stuck and put the brakes on your success.  And you don’t want to try to do this alone. 

You love the idea of being a part of a supportive, confidential group with other like minded courageous business owners who have also decided to step up and release their struggles and business blocks.

Brilliant Tappers will help you to:

Integrate easy and effortless ways to incorporate tapping into your day without it being a chore.

Alleviate overwhelm so you can transform into a productivity powerhouse.

Fine-tune your money mindset in order to support yourself to proactively create a profitable business.

Clear fear based limitations, which means you will confidently make decisions and take action to propel your business forward.

Rapidly release stress, enabling you to think clearer and restore your confidence.

Release resistance allowing you to feel the joy in your business once again so you feel more motivated, focused and free.

Align with your desires, dream a bigger dream and understand how to embrace the possibilities you know are right in front of you.

And much more epicness!

Gail is a skilful and sensitive intuitive business mentor and EFT specialist who has a particular talent for helping business owners to manage the “demons” that appear in the business-building journey.

Joining the Brilliant Tappers monthly group has helped me to manage difficult times in my business when I have struggled with mindset issues, negative emotions and fatigue that comes with being busy and working for myself.

Shalini Nandan-Singh

Lawyer, Legally Shalini

Why in a group?

I’ve discovered when this powerful tool is used in a group setting, the capacity to clear fear and step into visibility is heightened – creating an incredible benefit for everyone.

Because sometimes you think you’ve got it cracked; you know what the issue is. You’ve got it in your sights and you’re ready to take it on.  And then someone mentions their issue and it hits you right in the heart.

When you tap as a group you get “borrowed benefits” – a concept where even if you think you’re not affected by a certain aspect of life, you tap on it and realise it’s been released.   It was holding you back the entire time and you hadn’t realised it!   That’s the beauty of group Tapping.

However, it doesn’t matter if you have never tapped in a group environment, as it’s the same way of using tapping that you may have already experienced, just with the added power of “borrowed benefits”. Epic!

Each month we’ll tap as a group to clear internal blocks and set intentions to enhance your success mindset, enabling you to feel motivated, focused and the joy in your business.

After being in Gail’s epic Mastermind group last year and experiencing first hand the power of group tapping, it was just a no-brainer to join the Brilliant Tappers group.

With all best intentions, life sometimes gets in the way, and the monthly accountability helps me to keep on track.  When I use tapping regularly, I find that my mind is calmer and clearer, and I am less prone to knee-jerk reactions.   Business flows more easily, and things that would previously stress me out big time I just take in my stride.

Gail is very intuitive and knows exactly the right questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter.  The Facebook group is a great resource and a safe place to ask for help.

Karen Philips

Director, Direct Office Products

Create the habit of tapping, enabling you to embrace your brilliance and step into the spotlight.

Boost your confidence when it comes to being able to collapse your limiting beliefs allowing you to move forward quickly.

Build business connections with like-minded business owners enabling you to feel supported and connected.

Carve a place for yourself in a community that will respect confidentiality, provide genuine support and beautifully uplift you.

Nurture the kind of mindset that naturally creates the success and life you desire.

Share accountability with others who want to see you succeed.

Discover advanced tapping techniques that will transform your personal and business life?


I am so thankful to be part of the Brilliant Tappers!  The monthly membership is a very affordable and fantastic way to get my tapping fix. The group tapping helps me to release and overcome any obstacles that have come up through the month, along with gaining clarity, and of course motivation.  It doesn’t take long to work out that we all have the same struggles in business and having the support of other business owners in this confidential and safe space is invaluable.

From the bottom on my heart, love your work Gail and can’t thank you enough … you are EPIC!

Niki McNickle 

Director, Sweet As Chocolate Bouquets & Gifts


12:00pm – 1:30pm

(AEST – Brisbane Qld timezone)




:: Monthly Live Group Calls held on a Wednesday of each Month*.

:: Monthly Live Group Calls will take place on Zoom. (Super easy to use)

:: You will have access to the Private Facebook group where you will receive additional support.

:: All calls are recorded.

:: We have a brief discussion around what challenges or blocks you are having in regards to your business. We recap on using EFT and then we will begin tapping as a Group.

:: There will be opportunities for Success Liberation Seats.  Where I work quickly with someone in the group 1:1 to release blocks, as all other participants also tap along.

:: This is a monthly subscription of $39.  Once you purchase your first month, Paypal will automatically deduct $39 each month until you cancel the subscription.





Remaining 2017 Wednesday Dates:   15/11/17, 13/12/17

Once you have purchased, you will then be added to the Facebook Private Group and you will also receive an email from me with a link to the Facebook Private Group and other important details. The Facebook Group is where you will receive the link for our monthly live group calls, support and lots of other epic goodness.

Upcoming 2018 Dates:   17/1/18, 21/2/18, 21/3/18

Cancellation Policy: If you are wanting to opt-out of the monthly group, it is your responsibility to cancel your $39 automatic deduction prior to the next billing cycle.  Failure to do this will result in an automatic deduction which is non-refundable.