Be Epic Mastermind

Having real success in your business starts with developing a business mindset.

What is a business mindset?

It’s an epic mindset and having worked with loads of business owners I know it’s a combination of a few other things;

  • It’s about getting shiz done = being productive!
  • It’s about owning your own brilliance = being confident and stopping comparison
  • It’s about taking action = more being productive (yep more of that!)
  • It’s about clearing space in your head = being clearer, focused and motivated
  • It’s about releasing patterns = unstoppable mindset so you can create the elusive success you are searching for
  • It’s about doing what needs to get done, in balance, to lead your business = setting foundations to be more profitable

How do you do this effectively?  By releasing those old and outdated beliefs and patterns that keep you from living your full potential. A lot of people try to create a mindset that leads to success… Many struggle and only some actually succeed. It’s normal not to want to talk to your business peers or family and friends about these niggling issues that keep creating speed bumps in your journey, but I can promise you it’s almost impossible to get over them on your own.

What a relief it will be to know you have a supportive tribe of women travelling with you on the path to successful entrepreneurship so you know you’re not really alone.

Business Community

That’s why I’m opening the doors to a new tribe

of business women

to join my 3 Month

 Be Epic Mastermind Program.

Gail came into my life when I was ready for a real shift. Within 12 months of starting my own business, I had left a destructive relationship, and had my mother pass away. I was really stuck, unmotivated and in a serious state of lack so I joined her Mastermind Program. I now call Gail the #emotionaltweezer because every time (and I mean every time) I tapped with her, she pulled another splinter of hurt or fear out of me. “Good things” started to happen, money would show up in my bank account while we were on a call, I would attract new high paying clients after working on my money blocks, I had more energy after working on my lack of motivation and fatigue. I’m a fairly logical person, and since consistently tapping with Gail through the Mastermind Program, those “good things” happened more and more and my life has gotten better and better!  Tapping works and I have made the techniques Gail has taught me, part of my daily ritual.

Tech Translator, Kits and Bits

Even though I had done a little research into EFT previously, it wasn’t until I worked in the group Mastermind sessions with Gail and the other ladies did I understand how powerful it really was. Working in a group setting allowed me to realise, “it wasn’t just me”, who had the specific blocks I did and as we tapped together, we cleared together. It is such an enlightening experience!
Thank you Gail – I highly recommend you to anyone who is even considering working with you, especially in your mastermind groups!
Amy Facoory

Counsellor, Life Coach

Harnessing more than a decade of professional training and delivering clarity, I’ve guided hundreds of business owners on how to move past the roadblocks into freedom.

This is for women who want everything I’ve listed above!

Why in a group?

Because sometimes you think you’ve got it cracked; you know what the issue is. You’ve got it in your sights and you’re ready to take it on.

And then someone mentions their issue and it hits you right in the heart.

When you tap as a group you get “borrowed benefits” – a concept where even if you think you’re not affected by a certain aspect of life, you tap on it and realised it’s been released.

It was holding you back the entire time

That’s the beauty of group Tapping.

“No two minds ever come together without a third invisible force, which may be likened to a ‘third mind.’ When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group”.
Napoleon Hill

Or, as I say: “Epic magic happens”.

In addition, the benefits of a Mastermind include:

::  Building business connections with like-minded women

::  Carving a place for yourself in a community that will support and uplift you – Brain storming for solutions

::  Accountability with others who want to see you succeed

::  Epic value for those new to tapping and seasoned tappers

Limited places only for an epically personal experience!

How will the Be Epic Mastermind Program work?

I have a back ground in EFT and I decided to take Gail’s EFT Mastermind to deepen my knowledge.  What I experienced was not only epic shifts in my mindset but the tools to continue this journey into my future and into my businesses future. If you’re on a deep inner healing journey, a mindset coach, a trainer, a therapist or psychic or have a service based business – This mastermind not only helps identify the bumps within your thinking, it also gives you the tools to integrate the wisdom that is revealed. I highly recommend it.
Working with Gail is easy, she has a natural knack of tuning in and articulating what needs to be worked through and in doing so you immediately are able to identify this for yourself.  An epic self diagnosing and empowering mastermind and simply worth every cent!
Tracy O’Meara Smith

Holistic Health Practitioner, Silverdale Natural Therapy

Before joining the Mastermind program, I felt stuck and unsure what my next step forward was with my business.  I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, procrastinating and not taking the action steps that I knew I needed to take in order to create sustainable income and have a successful business.

Joining the Mastermind program was the best thing I ever did! Learning how to use EFT to bust through my blocks, fears and limiting beliefs has created huge shifts. The intimate group provided support, brain storming and business connections.

My confidence and income has increased beyond what I would have thought possible. Gail is a highly experienced EFT Practitioner  with a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend this for any business owner; no matter what stage you are in your business. The program is amazing value and was life changing.

Savannah Falzon

Retirement Care Specialist, Retirement Care Solutions

The Group is intimate for an epically personal experience.

All group calls are held on Zoom and will be recorded.

This program will re-open in 2018.  

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