Use the magic of tapping to get your business moving again!


Are you spinning your business wheels, and just not getting anywhere?

You’re a smart, savvy woman with a world-changing message, a brilliant gift for helping people, and a business you created to share them both.  You love what you do – or at least, you did back when you started…

Lately, though, it’s grown hard to connect with that passion. You’re constantly busy, fighting fire after fire, working nights and weekends… but never getting the important stuff done. You keep catching yourself…

  • Starting each Monday with a To-Do list that’s task-for-task identical to last week’s
  • Grinding through each day on an endless treadmill of busywork that keeps you from taking the actions that REALLY count
  • Collapsing each evening in an exhausted heap, frustrated that you’re even more behind than you were when you woke up
  • Losing faith in your ability to ever achieve your business dreams (and wondering how long it’ll be before you have to check the JOB ads again)

I promise, o brave one: you’re not alone, and there IS a solution

Hi, I’m Gail, and I’ve been where you are now. So have tens of thousands of other beautiful business-owners. But the good news is that there is a way through.

It’s not about gritting your teeth and forcing yourself forward on sheer willpower. It’s not about “pulling up your big girl panties”, becoming stronger, or just working harder.

Instead, it’s about a simple tool that has totally transformed the lives – and businesses – of countless entrepreneurs just like you.

That tool is called tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT).

And if you let it, it can transform your life too.

What is tapping, and how can it help?

Tapping is a tool that’s so powerful, it can feel like magic – but it actually has some solid scientific research behind it.

As an EFT Practitioner, I’ve used tapping for more than 12 years to help entrepreneurs like you to:

  • Conquer procrastination, stress and overwhelm, so your business can take off the way it was always meant to.
  • Release all those unacknowledged, buried fears, so you can hit the next level without sabotaging yourself.
  • Silence the inner voices of comparison that insist you’re a fraud or don’t deserve success, so you can confidently step into your business brilliance.
  • Learn how to eliminate the hurdles so you can remove the scattered, unfocused, reactive way you have been doing things and instead take inspired action that brings energy, focus and results.
  • Halt the emotional roller coaster ride so that you can experience emotional mastery when things go pear shaped.
  • Rediscover – and relax into – the inner peace, focus, and clarity you felt for your business when you first started out.

To personally experience the magic of EFT Tapping in your business I have created a free 8-week video series below.

You will receive some of the best I have to share.  There will be easy to watch quick videos, interviews to be inspired and motivated by and other epic resources (I love to share a surprise or two) over the next 8 weeks.